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Southern Cabinets is one of the best cabinet makers in Charleston SC! Our team comprises industry experts that possess a combination of technical skills and originality. As we have a keen eye for detail, we can work with fine precision, thus offering you the ideal Charleston cabinets! 

Due to our years of experience and constant learning advancements, we are proficient in the use of numerous instruments and machinery, as well as materials! That being said, we can turn your inspirations into a reality with the help of our fine craftsmanship

Our team has a strong understanding of design principles and can create the finest,  functional but also artistic, and tasteful cabinets

At Southern Cabinets, we take consumer experiences very seriously & religiously, which is why we work with our clients to understand their needs and preferences so that we can deliver a product that exceeds their expectations! 

Looking for proficient cabinet makers in Charleston SC that offer good communication and exuberate the finest project management skills? Book an appointment with us today!

What To Expect While Choosing Southern Cabinets!

      1. We can bring your ideas to life! Our experts can create all types of Charleston Cabinets built especially to fit all your needs. This includes your preference for styles, sizes, finishes, and products!

      2. We offer crafts mastery which means we have the skills and expertise to create durable cabinets with attention to detail!

      3. If you want, we can also lend you a hand with professional cabinet installations. This will ensure that everything fits nicely and save you time and trouble!
      4. Since our Charleston cabinets are sturdy and long-lasting, they offer a great return on investment by adding value to your real estate!

      5. You might already have a design in mind, but our cabinet makers can offer you expert guidance & free design; this way, you get an elevated version that gives you the best renovation!

      6. At Southern Cabinets, we offer a 5-year warranty on all of our products, which means that you can have that peace of mind and guarantee that you might not get anywhere else.

Before you go, look at these 7 things to look for in cabinet makers, but we have to warn you, we check off every box so that you can book an appointment with us!


Southern Cabinets offer free estimates, custom designs & priority customer services to offer you a unique & superior experience! 

For more information visit our website at, or give us a call at +1 (843) 903 0585!

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