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Top 7 things to look for in cabinet makers, Charleston SC


Who doesn’t like to come home to a house that is neat, clean, and always shining? There is only one answer – no one!

Therefore, choosing the right type of cabinetry for any room in your house is extremely important, since it acts as a major design feature, safely secures your belongings, and keeps them out of sight.

In all honesty, it would not be an overstatement to say that cabinetry practically plays a crucial role in reshaping & beautifying every corner of the house, be it your bathroom, laundry, living room, or most importantly your kitchen!

Today, we are going to make the process of selecting the right cabinet makers in Charleston SC easier!

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Top 7 things to look for in cabinet makers, Charleston SC

Charleston is known to have narrow houses, which means that the chances of you being stuck in a clustered space are very high.

Consequently, if you also suffer at the hand of uneven, unattractive, outdated small cabinets in your house, or simply looking to enhance your surroundings, it is time for a cabinet remodel that can make your house more attractive & spacious!

cabinet makers in Charleston, SC
Restore the aesthetics of your house with a cabinetry makeover!

And not to worry, Southern Cabinets have combined a list of must-haves so while you are out looking for the perfect cabinet makers in Charleston, SC, your house be in the best hands.

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1. Skillful Professionals 

The only way you can end up with the best Charleston cabinets is if you hire or buy from professional & skillful artisans.

When it comes to choosing a professional to do the job, the key is to ask as many questions as you want till you are satisfied. This includes asking about the products being used, and also the methods.

Remember, you are looking for a precision woodworker who has an eye for intricate designs, dexterity, physical strength & expert calculations to land you with the perfect cabinetry.

You can know about all these things in a jiff, which brings us to the next thing on the list – An impressive portfolio.

2.  An impressive portfolio 

Just like before hiring a candidate you thoroughly look at their resume, in the same way before choosing someone to make your custom cabinets in Charleston SC you need to take a look at their past achievements (meaning their designs).

Professional cabinet makers will always provide you with an extensive portfolio that not only has their best work but also helps you inspect their craft & its intricacies.

Tip: You can search the internet for “the best cabinet makers near me” and explore the top websites to take a look at what is in style and compare it to get a sense of what they are offering.

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3. Product variety & customizations

Choosing the ideal cabinet makers in Charleston, SC means you should have access to diverse products, styles, and possible customizations (for new & existing cabinets) to make the best decision.

Since everyone has a different house style and preference, your cabinet makers should be able to help you choose the perfect product that would go best with your interior & enhance its appearance.

cabinet makers in Charleston, SC
Choose cabinetry that can make a difference!

4. Varied price range 

Though elegant & modern cabinets are sometimes costly, however, a good cabinet maker can give you options that work for you within your dream budget.

Being an expert they can use their knowledge & expertise about the product materials & their pricing to deliver you the ultimate product without having to compromise on product quality.

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5. GMB Profile & Testimonials 

As we are living in an era of internet convenience, we can put that to use here as well.

You can look up the potential cabinet makers’ Google profile to check out the real customer reviews and testimonials.

If they have a website, that can also give you a deeper perspective of whether they can deliver what you have in mind or not. This can be the swaying point in case you are confused about making a decision.

kitchen cabinets in Charleston SC
Make one of your biggest investments last longer.

6. Are they serving you or their business? 

The key for any business to strive is to make sure they have a satisfied customer base. The prospective cabinet makers should be willing to listen to you and offer you genuine solutions whilst being considerate of your requirements instead of forcing you to choose them & imposing their decisions on you.

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7. Eye for interior designs 

Last but not least, it is very important that the cabinet makers you choose for your house have an eye for the latest interior designs and trends.

As cabinetry trends are constantly changing, they should be able to use their prowess to tell you what would suit your house (and what would not).

Another thing to add here is the fact that since everyone has different house structures, your cabinet makers should be able to work around water pipes and electrical wires without spoiling the designs of the cabinets.

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cabinet makers in Charleston, SC
Embellish your house by upgrading your cabinetry!


Remodels, no matter when & where can end up being a costly venture, so it is important to be selective about who you choose to do your cabinets.

However, with help of the above-mentioned pointers, your hunt to track down the perfect cabinet makers in Charleston, SC should become a lot easier.

Here’s a piece of advice, make sure to do your research, and be thorough while you do so, as the right decision has the power to change the face of your whole house!

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