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Kitchen Remodeling in Charleston, SC – No Longer Just a Dream!

Introduction: The Need for Kitchen Remodeling in Charleston, SC

Charleston is a gorgeous port city located in South Carolina that is known for its charismatic personality. Owing to its historic significance, mesmerizing beaches, action-packed nightlife, countless attractions, and a heart for fine dining, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the USA.

Charleston enjoys remarkable popularity among people; one thing to be noted is the beautiful, yet narrow houses in the area.  As a result of such construction, houses end up having a smaller, more narrow kitchen, which might be off-putting for many.

But it certainly does not mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. Kitchen remodeling can turn things around in your favor, and you could end up with a remarkable kitchen of your choice!

We at Southern Cabinets have come up with the perfect solution for kitchen remodeling in Charleston, SC so that you can get a bigger space to enjoy. 

How to Maximize Your Kitchen Remodel Space 

If you’re able to make the right decisions while choosing your flooring, color schemes, cabinetry, and lighting techniques, you can end up with a kitchen that looks spacious & spectacular! 

Therefore, kitchen remodeling is an art that is not always needed but always enjoyed – if you have the proper means!  

So let’s get to it! 

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Use of European Cabinetry

European cabinetry is the modern way of giving your kitchen a sleek and seamless look. Since such cabinets lack visible stiles and hinges, they appear very plain and hidden, making your kitchen more elegant and organized.

In addition to being practical, European cabinetry adds to the aesthetic of your kitchen with its minimalistic designs which makes your kitchen look neat and tidy! 

kitchen remodeling in Charleston, Sc
European Frameless Cabinets are becoming the top choice of interior designers because of their functionality and elegance!


What are the advantages of frameless cabinets?

  • Evidently, the elimination of heavy wooden frames aids in an easy installation.
  • They offer excellent storage space.
  • You can easily maintain & clean them.
  • Most importantly you can fix them anywhere as they don’t require too much of your space.

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Make Your Kitchen Look Spacious With the Correct Finishings

Whether it’s the kitchen walls or the cabinets, proper finishing can turn the tables for you. As lighting in your kitchen plays a huge role in bringing out the best of the colors, choosing the correct palette that goes well with your kitchen is crucial. 

Cabinet Finishing vs Kitchen Paints

The best part about choosing frameless European cabinets for your kitchen is that you also get a variety of finishings to take your cabinetry to the next level! 

Some of the finishings that are more popular amongst people include matte or semi-gloss paint, stains, glaze, melamine, lacquer, and varnish.

As semi-gloss has the most sophisticated look, it is considered as one of the best cabinet finishings. Likewise, when it comes to painting your kitchen walls, whenever you are working with a smaller kitchen, the wise choice is to go with a lighter color palette.

Tones such as warmer whites, cool shades of gray, green, and blue, and neutral or nude hues give your kitchen a minimalistic and contemporary look which is why they’re so in demand


kitchen remodeling in Charleston, Sc
Choose the shades of luxury for your cabinetry! Southern Cabinets – Making kitchen remodeling in Charleston, Sc convenient!

Moderate Accessorization 

The kitchen is one of the rooms in your house that you’re most likely to visit hundreds of times during the day, which is why it needs some pizzazz! However, creating a minimalistic look does not mean that you can not decorate it. 

With a splash of creativity and a few tiny tweaks you can spruce up your space quite nicely, so this is when the moderate accessorization comes into play. 

After you have carefully selected your kitchen interiors, to give it a little more character, add in something extra.  

A) Modern Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

The use of modern cabinet knobs and unique drawer pulls can certainly make your kitchens more expressive and attractive! 

While selecting one, make sure you keep both beauty and functionality in your mind. Choose the materials and colors that would go well with your cabinets and most importantly, be mindful of the sharp edges, finishings, comfort, and prices before you make your purchase. 

If you want to choose from the best collection of knobs and pulls for your kitchen remodeling in Charleston, SC head over to Southern Cabinets

kitchen remodeling in Charleston, Sc
If you want to choose from the best collection of knobs and pulls for your kitchen remodeling in Charleston, Sc head over to Southern Cabinets!

B) Ceramic Plants  

Adding ceramic pots with plants in your kitchen is the best thing you can do to create a more versatile look. 

Be it kitchen plants such as herbs, aloe vera, or ivy, or faux plants such as eucalyptus mats, dumb canes, or hanging flora. 

Accessorize your kitchen with a classic collection of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls at Southern Cabinets – One of the best kitchen stores in Charleston, SC!


kitchen stores in Charleston, Sc!
Accessorize your kitchen with a classic collection of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls at Southern Cabinets – One of the best kitchen stores in Charleston, SC!

The Brighter, The Better 

Finally, what your beautifully crafted kitchen needs to bring everything together is to add some carefully calculated light fixtures. With the correct selection of lights, you can make your kitchen quite tasteful. 

A) Natural vs Statement Lighting 

In the best-case scenario, natural lighting will add a flare to your already stunning kitchen! But as the sun goes down, you will still need artificial lights to lighten up the room. This is where the proper placement of statement lighting in your kitchen can change things! 

If you want to make your space look more artistic, you can add warmer tones of light under your cabinets and above the countertops. 

kitchen stores in Charleston, Sc
To elevate the look further, use statement lighting with metallic surfaces, mirrors, and glass.

Kitchen Remodeling in Charleston, SC – Takeaway 

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t always have to be a lot of work, it is something that you can enjoy and the end results will definitely leave you stunned! Although it does appear that you have to burden your shoulders with a lot of important decisions.

But with these simple steps, even you can transform your mundane kitchen into a chic-looking culinary haven, and that too without the help of an expensive interior designer! 

So if you can see yourself taking on this creative project, kudos on your aspirations & a happy kitchen remodeling! 

Need a hand with your kitchen remodeling in Charleston, SC? Let the experts at Southern Cabinets take a peek into your kitchen and give you a professional consultation!

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