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Top 3 Reasons to Choose European Style Cabinets for a Swoon-worthy Remodeling

“Minimal kitchen space works for me” – said no one ever! It is certainly true, that the more space you have, the more customization you can enjoy whether you’re a professional chef, homemaker, or merely someone who loves to keep their house up-to-date.

This is the very reason these trending European-style cabinets are moving up in the world of interior design due to their many advantages in terms of practicality and aesthetics. 

Doing More With Less – What is a European Kitchen Style?

A European kitchen style is all about flat surfaces with pristine finishings and minimal decoration. As these simplistic, leveled and smooth exteriors come together, they open up a lot of space in your surroundings, which is an effective solution to create more room and brighten up your space.

This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of European-style kitchens as they are practical for both small and large areas. 

European style cabinet
Spice things up in your kitchen with European cabinetry and create more room!

Difference Between Traditional Style Cabinets and European Cabinets 

It is observed that people choosing to remodel their house are often confused by the difference between traditional style cabinets and European cabinets and most importantly the dilemma of which one to choose among both.

What is a European-Style Cabinet?

Think of European cabinetry as sneaky flat surfaces that are a perfect way to store your goods. European-style cabinets are modular units that are an impeccable storage solution for your house; be it your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom. Since these cabinets lack rails, stiles, visible hinges, and frames they are aesthetic to look at, and very practical to use. 

What is a Traditional Style Cabinet?

Simply put, traditional cabinets are decorated with intricate details, curves, edges, and heavy wooden frames. These cabinets are a little difficult to install due to their weight and work best in spacious kitchens. Another fact about these traditional style cabinets is that they are not only difficult to clean but also give a clustered look to your already small kitchen. 

Due to the limited design options, a lack of functionality, and the consumption of larger space, traditional cabinets are rarely used in small households. 


Are European Cabinets Good?

European cabinets are indeed a perfect addition to your house interior, as they are long-lasting, easy to install, and help in decluttering your house, which is not only therapeutic but also paves the way for improved work efficiency.

Since these cabinets have proved to be extremely functional and elegant, they’re one of the most used cabinets post-2000s.  

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Why Are European Cabinets Popular Among Interior Designers?

This brings us to why European cabinets are preferred by both designers and the general public in the new age. Every recent kitchen catalog you have laid your hand on would’ve had a number of modern European-style frameless cabinets exhibiting immaculate finishings and diversified designs.

It is right to assume that these European-style kitchens are the new big thing as they’re not only tasteful to look at but also very practical.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose European-Style Cabinets

Let’s look at the top reasons why these European-style cabinets are preferred by interior designers and why they’re flourishing in today’s markets. 

1. Everlasting Elegance 

As European cabinetry is the epitome of modern luxury, it is safe to say that these designs are meant to last a lifetime due to their sophistication & durability. It is also observed that European cabinets age better! So much so that they have become a popular choice among real estate brokers as more and more people prefer choosing houses with such fittings. 

In addition to this, these cabinets come with a wide variety of colors, materials, and finishings such as thermofoil, melamine & lacquer paint which gives you a lot of room to get creative and set up a perfect space! 


2. Storage & Convenience

Since European-style cabinets are light in weight and do not require a lot of space to be installed, they are a convenient option for everyone.

With the absence of thick frames and extravagant woodwork, you can get plenty of extra storage space for your kitchen as well as your bathrooms!

Furthermore, these euro-style cabinets do not require heavy maintenance as they rarely get damaged and are easy to clean. As small houses already lack space, such designs are an amazing solution to keep your kitchen zone from becoming severely cluttered or jam-packed.

Since these cabinets are practically hidden, they make your kitchen look sizable, neat, and clean which is why European-style cabinets really are the jack of all trades as they always stand out when it comes to updating your cabinetry. 

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euro style cabinets
Elevate your style! Dull & boring bathrooms are a thing of the past!

3. The Process of Installation

Installation of European kitchen cabinets does not require much science, especially when you are in possession of the right set of tools and a sheer passion for following instructions! 

Whichever store you choose to purchase from, provides plenty of visionary aid as to how the assembling must take place. You can either take help from the reading manual or the step-by-step videos uploaded on the store website. 

However, if you deem it too difficult you can ask the installation experts at your store to do the deed for you. 

European kitchen cabinets
European cabinetry offers easy installation & even easier removal!

Choosing European Style Cabinets – Takeaway 

When it comes to redecorating your house, minor tweaks can make a huge difference. Keeping in mind the modern trends and storage requirements in every household, the flamboyant European cabinetry is most certainly the show stopper that can give your house a well-deserved makeover and added functionality. Considering the abundance of positive reviews, higher customer demand, and evident profit potential, it would not be wrong to say that European-style cabinets are the next best thing. 

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