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6 Types of  Charleston White Cabinets For An Elegant Kitchen

Let’s take a look at why is that so and which type of cabinets look the best in white! 

We all know that the color white has always been associated with peace, purity, and elegance. It is one of the colors that offer maximum advantages especially when it comes to interior designing or kitchen remodeling. 

Think about it, what is the most common kitchen cabinet color? No matter how many trends come and go, the answer is most likely to remain white.

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The High In Demand – Charleston White Cabinets 

White cabinets for one are timeless. In this continuously trending era that always keeps you in a hustle to keep up with things, these cabinets offer you longevity and save you thousands of dollars! 

White also serves as a neutral subject in your kitchen, meaning it goes well with all types of kitchen accessories from countertops, shelves, wall paints, floor colors, and even your crockery! 

These cabinets also spruce up your surrounding by making them appear cleaner, brighter, and more spacious, this is one of the main reasons why Charleston white cabinets are most common and vastly preferred. 

Let’s take a look at what types of cabinets look the most tasteful when in white! 

The types of white cabinets for an elegant kitchen 

1. White Shaker Cabinets 

Shaker cabinets are one of the most common & famous kitchen cabinets that are used all around the globe. It’s because they offer a sleek look and work well with both traditional & modern kitchens. 

These cabinets look like a four-cornered cabinet box that contains an inset panel. In simpler terms, just imagine a rectangular frame, with a small rectangle in the middle. 


  • White shaker cabinets are easier to clean because of their smooth finish. 
  • Because of the inset panel and soft edges, they do not appear design-less. 
  • They offer a longer shelf life as they’re made with quality-grade hardwood or plywood!

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2. Beaded Antique White Cabinets

If you want simple yet decorative cabinets, beaded antique white cabinets are the best choice! These cabinets are known to compliment your whole kitchen by bringing everything together. 

In a beaded cabinet, the face frame comes with details known as beads which makes the cabinet frame more prominent. Think of it as a frame within a frame. The beads can be either carved with a router (which is what mostly happens) or can be molded on the face frame. 


  • You can even turn your simple cabinets into beaded cabinets! (Talk about an easy upgrade!)
  • Beaded cabinets offer splendid aesthetics to your kitchen without going overboard.
  • These cabinets look stellar no matter which part of the house they’re used in. 
  • You can also use beaded inset cabinet drawers in addition to the doors for a unified look

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3. Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets / Slab Cabinets

The only Charleston white cabinets that work perfectly well with all sizes of kitchens without losing their sophistication are these European-styled cabinets. 

These flat-paneled or slab cabinets come with a clean, semi-gloss look and lack any designs or bevels because of which your kitchen can appear speckless, spotless & stupendous all the time. 

If you have a smaller space, these are the best type of cabinets that can offer you maximum storage and help you declutter your surrounding. 


  • Slab cabinets are the easiest to clean & they require minimal maintenance. 
  • Your kitchen can appear modern even with a limited budget
  • The best part is that you can never go wrong with these designs! 

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4. Distressed Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Antique white kitchens are more common than you’d imagine. These vintage kitchens are aesthetically pleasing & welcoming, especially for someone who has to spend most of their time in there. 

If you are someone who loves & prefers things that are “one of a kind” distressed antique white kitchen cabinets are your best bet! 

That being said, overdoing it ruins the whole look of your kitchen as your cabinets can appear extremely warn out instead of pleasantly antique, so be sure to hire a professional cabinet maker to do the job or read a proper instruction manual if you intend to do it yourself! 


  • Gives your kitchen an instant warm and vintage vibe.
  • Adds texture to your kitchen. 
  • Makes the shape, edges, and curves more prominent. 
  • You can upgrade your regular cabinets into modern antique white kitchen cabinets by distressing them. 

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5. High Ceiling White Cabinets

High-ceiling cabinets or vertical cabinets are gaining more and more popularity by the minute.

In the past, people would waste the additional space on the top of their cabinets which would just end up accumulating dust and dirt. But ever since the concept of high ceiling cabinets has got the light, people are choosing them over mundane styles. 

The reason high ceiling cabinets look good in white is that white is a neutral shade that keeps the room together without over-bombarding it with various colors.  

If you have a small kitchen but a large collection of tableware, these cabinets will work best for you! 


  • Tall white kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a complete and finished look
  • Say hello to dust-free extra storage space
  • If you add a few lights with a glass front on your top cabinet boxes, your kitchen can look more luxurious giving you a chance to display your most prized possessions. 

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6. Inset Cabinets 

If you are looking for kitchen cabinets that are not as flat and plain as slab cabinets and not as intricately designed as traditional cabinets, inset cabinets are your best choice. 

These cabinets come with a frame where the cabinet doors and drawer fronts overlay the opening and they sit flush against the face frame. The hinges in these cabinets can be both concealed or exposed. 

That being said, while white inset cabinets look extremely attractive, they require fine craftsmanship. As there’s little to no room for error, even a slight miscalculation can cause a hindrance in your kitchen’s functionality. 


  • Inset cabinets offer a smooth, clean and clear appearance
  • Their door knob and drawer knob placement give them a unique look. 
  • They offer a good room for personalization

Takeaway – 6 Types of  Charleston White Cabinets For An Elegant Kitchen

Safe to say that regardless of the size of your kitchen, all of the above-mentioned white cabinet styles will add a soft, warm, and natural light to your kitchen and who wouldn’t want that?

One thing is certain, white is one of the colors that is never going to go out of fashion. More so, choosing to go with white kitchen cabinetry will increase the resale value of your house, which can not be said for any other color. 

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