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9 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Custom Cabinets Charleston, SC

Custom cabinets in Charleston, SC are emerging as a new trend to counter narrow kitchens and limited spacing. Whether you’re planning for a kitchen remodel or just modifying a few core elements of your kitchen, the right methods and techniques can contribute a lot to the resale value of your house in the long run.

While custom cabinetry in Charleston, SC is gaining popularity among the masses, there are certain things you must keep in mind before embarking upon this adventure!

As the sole purpose of custom cabinets is to serve the aesthetics & functionality of your kitchen when the right measures are ignored things could end up being catastrophic & costly.

The experts at Southern Cabinets have listed the most common mistakes that are encountered by them on a regular basis. So if you are hoping to end up with the perfect kitchen remodeling in Charleston, SC, check out this article to avoid making such mistakes!

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1. Selecting Cabinet Materials  

When it comes to selecting the material for your kitchen cabinets, most people opt for whatever is trending. Which could end up being a huge mistake.

Here’s why!

If you get a kitchen remodel every ten years, it would be a huge mistake to go for custom cabinets made out of particle boards or mixed synthetic materials as these materials won’t last for long.

Similarly, wooden cabinets however sturdy, don’t do well under temperatures with high humidity. Which is exactly what you get living in Charleston. As the humidity level in this area remains pretty high, it can ruin your whole wooden cabinetry.

So, the best practice for choosing the perfect materials for your custom kitchen cabinets in Charleston, SC would be to consult an expert cabinet maker that can guide you in taking a wise decision.

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2. Miscalculated Layout Plans 

Another thing that can have a huge impact on your custom cabinetry is miscalculating the layout plans. Most people who want to execute remodeling projects themselves tend to take matters into their own hands even when it comes to the most important things, such as the layouts.

Note that this one thing can have a domino effect, ruining everything else connected to it. No matter how stylish or elegant your cabinets turn out to be, if they don’t fit properly they can cause a huge inconvenience.

Custom cabinets Charleston SC

Not just this, you could actually miss out on a superb chance of utilizing maximum space to your advantage.

Even if you are confident about your layout, to ensure a higher kitchen functionality & efficiency and to avoid any errors it is best that you get your cabinet layout designed by a professional cabinet maker in Charleston, SC.

Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!  

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3. Choosing Cabinet Designs 

Next comes the cabinet designs, or to be more precise, cabinet door styles. You must be thinking how can one go wrong with such a trivial selection?

Here’s the truth, the two vastly used cabinet door styles include framed cabinets and frameless cabinets. And yes, depending on the size of your kitchen, and a few other factors, your selection can be wrong so before you decide which one you want, consider this.

Frameless cabinets however stylish might require a little more maintenance than framed cabinets. Also, note that frameless door styles aren’t as sturdy as one would want.

Whereas framed cabinets do offer more strength and durability but because of their framed boxes, visible hinges, and attached doors, they take up more space and don’t work well with smaller kitchens.

This is one of the reasons that most people end up choosing frameless custom cabinets in Charleston, SC to maximize their kitchen space.

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4. Compromising Quality for Money 

It is understandable that you have a confined budget for your remodeling project. But what you need to acknowledge is that quality trumps price. Especially when you have a chance to get a good return on your investment.

Here’s why! 

Investing in sturdy, durable & long-lasting custom cabinetry can increase the overall price of your house! It is also a wise decision because choosing low-quality products might need extra maintenance or worse, complete renewal, and that too in a short span of time.

So think of it as a long-term investment and do not compromise on its quality!

5. Improper Kitchen Mappings

In addition to making errors in your kitchen layout plans, this mistake can cause some serious trouble.

When we say improper kitchen mappings, we actually mean forgetting to take into consideration important factors such as plumbing, wiring, and ventilation.

It is important to be mindful of the little things because failing to plan your custom kitchen cabinetry around these factors might end up ruining your whole remodeling venture.

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Custom cabinets Charleston SC

6. Color Selection 

Moving on to the non-technical mistakes, the worst one is choosing the wrong colors. Whether you have a huge kitchen or a small one, colors can play a huge role in adding to the aesthetics.

In the same way, if you fall victim to the wrong colors, your kitchen could lose all its charm.

That being said, remember that kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, and it must appear warm and inviting.

Before you select what color you want to choose, consider your walls, floors, countertops, and your kitchen space. 

Another factor that should be considered while choosing the color of your custom cabinets is never to fall for what’s trending. Trends are constantly changing, whether it’s for cabinet designs or colors.

Always go for colors that are timeless. This includes neutral tones and warmer shades of white and grey.

7. Ignoring Storage Opportunity 

While most people are bound by built-in cabinets, the best advantage of custom kitchen cabinets in Charleston, SC is that you can make the most of your space!

Vertical cabinets or high-ceiling cabinets are not just a trend, they are a little more than that.

These cabinets look good, they add extra storage for your kitchens and while the normal cabinet tops accumulate dust and dirt, these vertical cabinets can serve as the perfect place to showcase your centerpiece!

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Talk about added utility!

Custom cabinets Charleston SC

8. Overdoing Things 

While utilizing vertical space is a plus, going overboard or overdoing things is not advised. You know what they say about excessiveness…excess of everything is bad.

The same is the case with overdoing your cabinets. Add too many of them, and your kitchen will look like a giant apothecary cabinet. This also goes for the cabinet accessories.

While a kitchen remodel is an adventurous project, remember moderation is key!

Custom Cabinets Charleston SC
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9. Trying to Match Colors 

Alright, the last mistake is trying to match the colors of one of your cabinets to others. This is a huge mistake because it never works.

The colors of your walls & cabinets accumulate dirt over time and you can never match it later on.

There you go folks, the most common mistakes to avoid while choosing your custom cabinets in Charleston, SC.


These mistakes are more common than you think and you will be surprised to see how disastrous things can get! While taking on such projects can be exciting, it is common to make such mistakes while being overwhelmed by so many decisions.

Remember, if you are successfully able to pull this off, perfect kitchen cabinetry can serve you a high functionality for a very long time.

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