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When it comes to keeping up with the latest trends, catching up to the millennials has become an honest man’s work. Especially when every sunrise brings up something new to the world of interior designs, commoners such as you and me, who love to keep their kitchen up to date find it difficult to keep up pace with these up-and-coming trends. Moreover, a completely modern kitchen makeover requires a little more than just a creative whim. It requires hard cash & a lot of it, so it becomes difficult to renovate your kitchen time and time again. Therefore, Southern Cabinets has taken it upon itself to compile a list of everlasting cabinet trends that are likely to stay in style for a very long time!

Carolina Cabinets – Selection of right materials!  

Whenever we talk about trends, one thing is to be kept in mind, a trend should be something that remains functional, robust and frugal in the long run.

Which brings us to the selection criteria for perfect Carolina kitchen cabinets.

According to research, the humidity level in Carolina remains quite high which is why cedar kitchen cabinets, knotty pine kitchen cabinets or even hickory cabinets are not a wise choice.

  • Firstly, these woods, however strong, are only sustainable in areas with low humidity.
  • Secondly, their warm rustic tones end up making your already small kitchen even more clustered and full.
  • And lastly, based on an average home size, your Carolina cabinets should accommodate all your kitchen needs, whilst making it look modern and sleek – which can not be achieved with these materials.

Carolina kitchen cabinets
Smart cabinetry choices can save you upto $10,000 to $30,000 on yearly kitchen renovations! Shop your favorites with Southern Cabinets!

What is the kitchen cabinet trend for 2022

Before we move on to listing the top Carolina kitchen trends, let’s take a look at what has remained a hit in the past, and what’s trending now.

To sum it up, the transition of heavy traditional wooden cabinets to frameless European cabinets is what’s new.

The simplicity and elegance that these European shaker cabinets carry, is the top cabinetry trend up until now!

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Top 6 Carolina Cabinet Trends

1. Minimal display & Squeaky Clean Invisible Cabinets

We all know that less is more when it comes to accessorizing the house space.

Same is the case with minimal display of kitchen items. The less there is, the sleeker it will appear.

From the use of jib doors around our houses, we have indeed come a long way to carry the same approach for our kitchens, bathroom & laundry cabinets.

The idea to keep everything hidden and display minimum items on the counter tops or shelves is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also gives an impression of a cleaner, brighter kitchen – bouncing the light right off of those spotless surfaces.

This minimalistic approach is bound to last an eternity, because who doesn’t like immaculate kitchens!

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2. Trendy Customization Options

Eversince the availability of RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets in South Carolina and online hardware displays, the customization options have toppled.

Here are a few to consider :

  • Choose the material, color, style and accessories for your Carolina custom cabinets based on your kitchen designs and size – from the comfort of your home.
  • Install a few lights under your cabinets for added aesthetics.
  • Use of tall ceiling kitchen cabinets can help you store all the extra stuff you want!
  • Installation of glass doors for the items you want to display, but also keep safe.

Whether you want something specific, out of a catalog or based on your creative intuition, the options are fathomless.

kitchen cabinets in South Carolina
Following timeless cabinet trends can help you elevate, organize and customize your kitchen all the while increasing its real estate value!

3. Install Floating Shelves

Nothing can go wrong with the floating shelves as they’re a popping addition in your kitchen.

  • You can choose to keep them empty.
  • Or add your most fancy china to it.

And if that doesn’t work, throw in some plant pots & ivy and they’ll add a refreshing color to your room to make it more blasting.

4. Work Around the Color carousel 

Since renovating your kitchen is all about creating a space that you love to work in and look at,  a splash of colors will do wonders for your working space.

The correct contrasts & infusion of colors between your cabinets, walls, floors & hardwares will beautify the appearance of your kitchen. 

5. Smart storage & Integrated Appliances 

Another great cabinet trend includes smart storage and integrated appliances.

Sliding in organizers, cutlery trays, pull out racks and cookie sheet organizers are a great addition to your cabinetry.

Same is the case with integrated appliances. Collectively, these additions not only save up space in your kitchen but also add a more sophisticated vibe to it as everything is already sorted and placed nicely.


Carolina custom cabinets
Leave mediocrity behind! Transform your kitchen into an effortlessly beautiful, stylish & highly functional work space!

6. A hint of furniture

Even if you are someone who would prefer to have a certain homey vibe in your house instead of  installing simple plain surfaces, here’s what you can do.

Style your Carolina custom cabinets in a way that they exhibit a rather intricate facade with antique brushed nickel cabinet knobs or vintage corbels, as used in furniture.

You can also get the furniture ‘feet’ installed under the base cabinets to give it an extraordinary finish.

Southern Cabinets understands your cabinetry needs!  Pick your ideal cabinetry from our store or get a free consultation from our experts! 

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2022 

Not to state the obvious, but you had it coming. The best, most popular Carolina cabinet color that is used in South Carolina houses is none other than white.

Since houses in this region are narrow, white color helps to keep things in balance.

Moreover, white screams luxury!

It is a clean and elegant color, whose light reflecting properties brightens up any room making it look spacious and sophisticated.

Carolina cabinet

Top 6 Carolina cabinet Trends that are timeless! – Takeaway

Although it may seem that choosing cabinetry is an insignificant task, let’s put this thought to bed!

Choosing the right type of cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry are just as important as choosing the right materials for the construction of a house.

They add to your real estate value! 

So why not follow these top trends that are bound to last a lifetime in addition to making your space ultra-modern, highly elegant and extremely functional!

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